Research & Monitoring

Specialising in ornithology and restoration ecology, I can contribute to project planning,  fieldwork, analysis and reporting:

  • Bird community survey and monitoring

  • Monitoring revegetation and restoration outcomes

  • Targeted species surveys

  • Habitat and threat assessment


  • Bird community survey

  • Mist-netting and bird banding (A class bander) 

  • Radio and satellite telemetry

  • Camera trapping

  • Data management and analysis

  • Basic mapping and spatial analysis

  • Report writing

  • Communicating results

Nature North has been great in identifying our local native wildlife, particularly birds, at our reforestation sites in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland. We now have a greater understanding of our ecosystem and can now pass on this knowledge to our volunteers who are making forests every month. On behalf of our community group, Brettacorp Inc., I highly recommend this business for any environmental consultation that you may need as a business or individual. The personal service is great and custom made surveys suited our needs as a small revegetation incorporation.

Brett Kraus, Brettacorp Inc. June 2020.

AF Toothbill court.JPG